Customised piston seals and piston assemblies

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Intercarat manufactures lip seals and double lip seals for sealing drive pistons, cylinder pistons and other pistons. In addition, we can also manufacture the piston disc and other subassemblies. We combine the metal part with rubber (if necessary also plastic) mechanically and chemically to form a high-quality, robust multi-component part.

The seals

Our moulded parts are used wherever mechanical movement with minimal friction is required. Examples of this include metering pistons that have to move axially. As well as classic sealing rings, we often use our double lip seals here, as these have a better sealing effect. As a result of the pressure, the lips are pressed against the outer wall, resulting in better tightness and a significantly increased service life. In addition, this component can compensate for higher production tolerances of the mechanical components.

The subassemblies

Intercarat moulds double lips onto your piston discs, producing a highly integrated, chemically stable composite part. We can also manufacture piston assemblies in-house in our own factory. We manufacture, for example, a disc component (including thread for the piston holder and sealing) and combine this with PTFE to centre the subassembly and therefore also the piston. If necessary, an assembly aid can also be fitted centrally, or the subassembly can also be manufactured using other materials.

We predominantly use pressure and investment casting parts made of stainless steel and steel in a range of different grades, as well as diecast parts (zinc and aluminium) with diameters up to 400 mm for our piston assemblies.

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