Customized PTFE moulded parts

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Intercarat manufactures PTFE diaphragms which are mainly fitted in pumps, valves and actuators. We also manufacture other moulded parts such as discs.

Diaphragms for valves

PTFE diaphragms provide maximum chemical resistance when handling liquids, gases and steam. Furthermore, even under steam conditions, such as during cleaning processes, the material wears much more slowly than soft elastomers. However, the diaphragm is more rigid, which means that we often also manufacture laminated diaphragms or two-piece moulded parts with a face (PTFE for resistance) and back (EPDM for elasticity).

Diaphragms for dosing pumps

Dosing pumps are used, for example, in indoor and outdoor swimming pools for the dosing of a flocculating agent or to regulate the pH by means of sodium hydroxide and sulphuric acid. Here, pressure is generated by the movement of the diaphragm. This guarantees sealing and simultaneously transports the fluid and/or the chemical.

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