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Customized rubber moulded parts

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Intercarat processes numerous elastomers for high-quality components for industrial processes and products, for example for the medical industry and for plant and device manufacturers. It focuses on covers, maskings and plugs, lip rings, watch straps and cable bushings.

Covers and maskings for the medical industry

Our molded rubber parts are used as production aids and as masking during the production of orthopaedic implants and dental implants. The main area of application is implants which are prepared using various surface technologies. For example, the surface is roughened at the contact points with human bone material while the silicone part (VMQ with relevant approval) covers the areas which do not need surface processing or where this would be a disadvantage. The custom rubber products are resistant against sand blasting and glass bead blasting, as well as to the application of plasma.

Cable bushings for plant and device manufacturers

Cable bushings are used anywhere where electrical devices need to be protected against humidity or where cables need to be protected against tearing and friction. Our moulded rubber parts offer mechanical protection against being rubbed bare or left without insulation as a result of sharp-edged housings, as is often the case in robotics, for example. This simultaneously provides sealing against condensate, for cleaning processes or for use outside. Furthermore, all Intercarat cable bushings guarantee that the cable(s) cannot tear, particularly at the point at which it is/they are screwed in and/or soldered (strain relief).

Plugs for the medical industry and for other areas of application

Our rubber parts enable all types of interior spaces to be reliably covered. Here, the components frequently serve as production aids, as transport protection, or as protection against a further processing step being implemented.

Wrist straps for the watch industry

Intercarat manufactures complete wrist straps as well as wrist straps with a Viton® core. With the latter, the leather wrist strap is reinforced and stabilized. Furthermore, the material does not swell, which reduces the potential damage caused by water. Our Viton® watch straps are also colourfast, weather- and ozone-resistant and can be worn in water.

We also obtain numerous other materials and compounds and are happy to advise you on the best material to use for your area of application.